With the guidance of your teacher or parent, you're ready to create your Reading Roadmap with award winning books featured in the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection. Have you spent a few minutes on your Lexile assessment? Great, then let's get started. (There's a slide show at the bottom of this page for a step by step visual of creating the Roadmap.)

  1. Under the Titles tab, find your Lexile Range. Remember, you can choose books from the range above and below your score. Still not sure? Ask a teacher for help! If you're attempting the Books on Tour Challenge, click on that and choose a state.
  2. When you find books you want to read, simply click Add to Reading Roadmap. You'll need to create an account (free, no obligation or purchase necessary) to build your Roadmap. Make sure to click "Make My Roadmap Public"!
  3. From the Reading Roadmap screen, highlight and copy the web address in the box under SHARE THIS READING ROADMAP WITH FRIENDS. Now you can paste that into an email (with your parent's permission) to your family and anyone else your parents think might like to help encourage your journey. 
  4. Make sure to keep everyone on your list updated as you read Reading Roadmap books and add new ones. 
  5. The tutorial below shows you how to create a Reading Roadmap. Don't worry if your school is not participating in a Readathon (Donations and Gift Certificates). You can still create your Reading Roadmap with ZERO obligation.