"Losing a tooth--or anticipation of it--can be scary, so I love how this book uses a very funny cat to talk about this universal childhood experience." - Seira Wilson, Amazon Editor

The star of the New York Times bestselling Here Comes the Easter Cat is back—and this time he's met his match!

When Cat loses a tooth, the Tooth Fairy delivers a wholly unwanted sidekick: a mouse. Together, Cat and Mouse are tasked with running a few Tooth Fairy-related errands—a challenge, since Mouse is just as competitive and mischievous and hilariously self-involved as Cat. The stakes rise and so does the deadpan humor, culminating in a satisfying surprise that will leave readers eager for yet another delightfully devious Cat adventure.

An homage to classic comic strips from the author of The Quiet Book and The Loud Book, this New York Times bestselling series is perfect for fans of Pete the Cat, Bad Kitty, and Mo Willems's Pigeon books.

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