We all need to raise money sometimes. We may not like it, but it's just a reality in today's world. The question is, how do you go about raising the money needed for school, classrooms, or organizations? How about a safe and productive way to raise significant money, while still encouraging kids to develop that most important skill in learning... Reading! How about a Readathon? 


Readathons are a low pressure, high impact way to raise money for worthy goals. By rewarding reading, friends and family in your community are dedicating donations to what matters most; helping kids become lifelong learners! Supporters make a small (or big!) donation for each book completed off of the student's Reading Roadmap. It's that simple... Readola Readathons really are Self Funding Curriculum!


So what makes Readola Readathons different?

· No cost or obligation to students, families or schools. Readathons cost nothing to try! Plus:

· Matches students with level appropriate, award winning books. 

· Supports original Common Core objectives.

· Works with eBooks and traditional books.

· High quality fundraiser parents, family and community supporters can appreciate.

· Protects limited staff time, plus all staff receive discounts.

· Little or no space needed. · Individual classrooms, entire grade or school wide adaptability.

· Reading Rewards benefit individual students, staff and school.

· Parents, family and community supporters feel good about encouraging reading.

· Monthly updates keeps positive momentum for district wide reading initiatives.

· Encourages students to engage in books from other  communities in a wide range of interests.​


 Here's how it works. 

  1. Students review titles in their Lexile Level. You'll find these Ranges under the "Titles" tab. (There are multiple pages of titles in each range - look for the NEXT arrow in the bottom right hand corner to scroll through the pages.) As the student finds titles they wish to read, they'll build their Reading Roadmap by selecting the "Add to Reading Roadmap" button on the individual book's page. (If they're attempting the Books on Tour Challenge, they'll select books from each state under the "Books on Tour Challenge" tab.)                                                                      
  2. Parents make a short list of potential supporters to email. Your Readathon Organizer will provide a brief message for you to cut and paste into your email, along with a unique code to enter at the time of checkout. The Organizer may also provide a link back to a customized donation portal. Don't worry, the money all goes to the same place, the portal is just an easy way to make cash donations to the Readathon. TIP** Let sponsors know what your student is reading, by including the web address to their Reading Roadmap. You can find that on your student's specific Reading Roadmap page. Make sure to include a Donation Dog in their Roadmap in case sponsors don't receive a link to the school's donation portal.                                                                                                                                                                         
  3. Willing supporters make their donations.                                                                                                                                                                                        
  4. Rewards are collected by students for books completed and dollars raised.                                                                   
  5. Allow community organizations the chance to support literacy via donations to your Readathon. Our team has years of experience in community outreach. We can help!    

A Readola Readathon costs you absolutely ZERO to try. Ready to take the adventure? Let's Go! Need more info? Contact us anytime.