e640799dbb276e388018fad9c4f03976.jpgWhy Choose Blue Ribbon For Your Next Book Fair?

SERVICE - From set up to clean up, we do the heavy lifting for you. No volunteers to help? No Problem!

STAFF APPRECIATION - We reward the efforts your staff makes on behalf or students and their community. Staff purchases are discounted up to 40% off the already lowest marked price. Plus, we provide families a chance to pre-purchase Teacher Wishlist gift certificates.

PRICES - Up to 75% of our titles are marked down from retail, making this event accessible to everyone.

STEM SECTION - Blue Ribbon Book Fairs feature a large selection of STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) focused titles. Easy to understand items that make learning a blast!

READING ROADMAPS - Blue Ribbon partner schools receive exclusive access to our proprietary Awards Database. Every student can build a complimentary Reading Roadmap from over 3000 titles - each nominated for at least one state award from around the country. There's no purchase necessary. Teachers and their students can use this curriculum to update their progress all year.

REWARDS - A wide range of options to pick from for you to spend your Reading Rewards. Choose from thousands of titles (including library bound) for book rewards. Plus, the most competitive cash rewards available.

JUNK? - Blue Ribbon Book Fairs have some pencils, pens, bookmarks and erasers. Unless you say you don't want any! Since we set up the fair for you, we can take back any items you don't want. No tripping over extra boxes all week!

WE LISTEN - Blue Ribbon Book Fairs are customized to your school. We gladly welcome suggestions for categories and age groups. And because we do the set up, we'll remove any items or titles you don't want on your fair.

INDEPENDENT - Blue Ribbon is family owned. We're independent of any publishers and corporations. So we can select the best titles at the best prices. You have a choice... and competition is a positive for your school and all schools.

CREATIVITY - We select hundreds of new titles every season.

LOCAL FOCUS - As a member of the community, our focus is on local schools and the local economy. Our commitment is to you, our neighbors.

EFFICIENCY - One page reconciliation and one click invoicing (when applicable).

 562f4ff5089d1545b0a54c435a9322ec.jpg 2019 -2020 BOOK FAIR THEME

Blue Ribbon strives to meet the needs of your community. We focus on great books at great prices. Because we aren't a multi-billion dollar marketing company, we don't steer your families into the books we want them to buy. We just find great books from great publishers and bring them to your location - the best value in book fairs! Most books are discounted, some up to 75% off of retail.

And your school staff receives HUGE discounts (volunteers, too!) 


We do all the set up, all the pack up...and when you say no junk, we listen! We set up as close to the start of the fair as possible, since we know space is at a premium. Plus our carts are easy to move, in case you need to change locations during the fair. Whether you have a little space or a lot of space, we'll make it work!

Our profits are the best, and the most flexible, offered. Take cash, select book profit from the fair, bank Readola Rewards or for the best deals shop from our special lists featuring thousands of titles. Don't worry, there's almost zero paperwork involved to wrap up your fair, we just ask that you help promote the event in the days leading to the set up and keep the interest rolling until the last day.

Blue Ribbon brings the widest variety of titles, authors and publishers of any book fair, anywhere. Book Fair Treasure Hunts bring an adventure of discovery with titles for the whole family! 

Best of all, almost every book on the fair is discounted off of the retail price, meaning there's lots of fun for everyone!

The best publishers are all there, and so are award winning titles. Like popular characters like Star Wars, Legos and American Girl?...you'll find those. Best loved categories like family & friendship, animal stories, biographies, dinosaurs and science discoveries are all there. reading levels for all ages are present, so no one is left out. Blue Ribbon features the best non-fiction...in fact, we created a whole event full of nothing but non-fiction. Check out SciZooka STEM Shops!

Whether you have a little room, or a lot of room, Blue Ribbon is the best choice for most schools; and totally different than what you've done before.

Custom Fairs

Just like the name says...totally customized to meet your goals and requests. Unlike Treasure Hunt and Select Book Fairs, Custom Fairs are all table top. You choose the categories and titles, we'll set it all up and run the event for you. We even accept preorders online, and extend that year round for future sales. We only accept a limited number of Custom Fairs per year, so please contact us right away for scheduling information.

Better than BOGO

How about a Buy One Get One Free Fair that pays you back? Our Better Than BOGO Fair offers discounted books and pays your organization back!

Contact Us to find out how we customize events to meet your schedule, content and age requirements.

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