To get the right start on your Reading Roadmap, we suggest you determine your student's Lexile Reading Level through a great resource like Total Reader.

Why is it important to assess your student's reading level instead of just picking books by age group? Think about it this way... If you took your 10 year old student to a shoe store, would you simply select a size 10 shoe for them to wear? Of course not, you'd want to properly measure their feet for the right fit. Reading is no different. Students become frustrated if a book is too hard (or too simple), just as they get frustrated if their shoes are too small or too big. So take a few minutes and get a baseline set for your student. We guarantee, it's time well spent!

With the assessment complete, it's time to match your student to award nominated books in the appropriate reading range. With thousands and thousands of books available, how do you find the right books? Blue Ribbon Reading does the research for you! Every year, educators across the country select a certain number of titles as award nominees. Blue Ribbon compiles those lists, sorts them by Lexile, and makes them available exclusively to Readola Readathon schools. 

*Remember, students can read books in the levels just above and below where they test, so explore!

Reading takes you places, so let's go to the Blue Ribbon Books database to find some amazing titles! Click the PRODUCTS tab and then select the Lexile range your student tested at. Use the Reading Roadmap button to put titles into your list of books to read. Send the Roadmap to potential sponsors, so they can support your student. Make sure to remember to select at least one Donation Dog to place on your Reading Roadmap.

PLEASE NOTE: Some higher level novels may include material you might find objectionable. Please review your student's Reading Roadmap for proper guidance.